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Custom Stickers

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People love stickers! That's just a fact....

Is your business looking for a give away or a value add to your product? Make Stickers...

Has the kid just come up with a Procreate masterpiece on the iPad? Make Stickers....

Got a Facebook group or Car Club? Make Stickers....

You get the idea!

To keep things simple, we don't offer 6 million options.

We print your custom stickers on a waterproof vinyl with adhesive that can be cleanly removed for up to a year. Then they are clear gloss laminated for the ultimate in scratch and UV resistance. Finally we contour cut them to shape. This means they look tops even before you slap them down.  Available in sizes that we've found to be the most useful, even a handy phone size....

Now, The Artwork story....

To make things as easy as possible, we prefer your artwork in the following formats -


At a pinch, JPG (see below)

To be able to cut your artwork to shape, it is important to have a transparent background in your image. If the background is not transparent, your sticker will be cut to a rectangular shape. JPG files cannot have a transparent background, so they can't be cut to shape. For best results, resolutions around 180dpi are recommended. File size is maximum 10MB. Depending on the shape of your artwork, the final size may be silghtly different to your chosen size. We'll work it out to a similar area as the chosen size. To make sure you are happy, we will email you a layout with sizing shown before printing.

Software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate etc are all ideal for creating your designs.

If you have any questions regarding your artwork, need a specific size sticker or any other questions, please shoot us an email.

We aim to have your stickers on the way to you within 3 working days - need to let the inks cure before we laminate, we don't want to send soggy stickers to you!

All shirts are printed to order and shipped as fast as possible from our dedicated retail space in Sydney, Australia.

Within Australia, delivery times are within these expected timeframes...


4-10 Business Days


2-4 Business Days

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